The Strathmore Angling Improvement Association strongly recommend that all anglers follow the Governments recommendations as they relate to social distancing.




The only exceptions to this are:

  • To go out to buy food, visit the doctor, pharmacy or other medical services.

  • To take essentials and medicines to vulnerable people or those quarantined.

  • To take exercise whilst maintaining self-distancing advice.

  • Work.


Fishery Management Scotland (FMS) have stated that fishing can resume provided government guidelines on social distancing and travel are followed. The FMS guidelines are found at

Fishing can resume provided government guidelines are followed.

We also recommend that you keep your social contact to a minimum during your fishing by taking all food and drink with you. It is also recommend that you stay well away from any houses when accessing the river and wear gloves if you need to open gates etc.

All our ticket outlets are currently open but we recommend that you follow the current government rules regarding social distancing and the use of face coverings when accessing the outlet along with any rules specific to the outlet.

Please use exact money when purchasing a permit from the ticket outlet.

Strathmore Angling Improvement Association 
SAIA w as formed in 1948 to promote access for brown trout & grayling fly fishing on 11 miles of the rivers Isla, Dean & Kerbet in the Vale of Strathmore, but at prices affordable to all ages of local anglers.
The Association is wholly run by volunteers with all ticket sales monies used to improve the rivers by sympathetic stocking , river & bank management/ improvements all of which assist the wild fish stocks and make the river fishing accessible to anglers.

Strathmore Angling Improvement Association strongly recommend that All anglers should be insured and are reminded that they fish at their own risk.

It is also strongly recommended that all anglers wear a buoyancy aid for their own safety.

The Fish & Rivers 
Each season at various river locations, SAIA stock between 300-500 fully grown locally reared brown trout and incubated eyed ova. These stocked fish supplement the already high levels of wild brown trout & grayling in the rivers. Each season wild trout & grayling in excess of 2lb are caught . A four fish day limit of 11" + trout is set ,but correct catch and release is actively promoted and practiced by most anglers. The Association also undertakes river management work parties in the closed season; any anglers wishing to attend these should contact an SAIA committee member.